Free Estimate and Inspection


Homeowner Meeting
We begin with a brief conversation with the homeowner with regards to the history of the roof and any problems that have occurred in the past that need to be addressed,such as leaks,ice damming,storm damage etc. Also,we will answer any questions the homeowner may have at this time.

Exterior Inpection
We thoroughly inspect the entire roof,as well as all areas that pertain to the roof,such as roof deck, chimneys, skylites, and any wooden trim that would need to be replaced prior or during the roof installation. We will inspect the entire area,as well as gutters.

Attic Inspection
We inspect the entire attic for damage to plywood, possible mold/mildew. We inspect attic insulation,as well as attic ventilation. A properly ventilated attic is crucial to a homes energy efficiency and a roofs longevity.

Written Estimate
After the inspection we will verbally inform you on what we have seen,and what we recommend for a first class job. We will then provide a thorough written estimate. The estimate will detail thoroughly the entire process. All roof contracts come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty,as well as our own warranty,which are generally 5 years.

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