Customer Testimonials

concord_beforeconcord_after“When a tree fell through my roof during Hurricane Sandy, I called Shawn to see if he could install a tarp to protect the house from further water damage. He responded immediately, cancelled his plans for the day and showed up at my house with a tarp and two roofers within two hours of my call. Once the insurance adjuster assessed the damage, Shawn and his crew got started on the repairs immediately. The damaged rafters were replaced and a new roof and gutters installed in less than three days. The quality of the work was superior and workmen were very respectful. I highly recommend Magee Roofing.”

—Homeowner, Concord, MA

“The record snowfall during the winter of 2015 cause significant damage to homes in the Boston area. While many of the homes in my neighborhood had ice damage and subsequent water leakage, our roof was completely free of leaks. Despite a heavy snow load on the roof and thick ice in and around our gutters, we did not have water leakage. Our roof installed by Maggie roofing in 2012 included an ice damn barrier that held up perfectly under the extreme conditions of 2015.”

—Homeowner, Sudbury, MA